How important is to understand the test devices?

Android and IOS are the main operating system which is ruling the mobile industry. As in the case of IOS, there are only around 18 devices. Things become different when it comes to Android. There are more than 3000 devices from various OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturer).

Below are some of the facts about the mobile devices. (As on July-2017)                           (Source:

  1. Number of Android devices  –  3536 devices
  2. Number of Android Versions – 56 versions
  3. Number of IOS devices- 18 devices
  4. Number of IOS Versions – 69 versions

The first step of starting the mobile application testing is to know the details related to the mobile test device.

Understanding the mobile devices is really important before starting with the app testing. As we have noticed, there are so many devices that the app needs to be verified with. Testing the app in all the devices with all the OS versions is nearly impossible.

So the process of understanding the devices helps with the decision to select test devices with different versions and the different screen sizes.

So testers need to note down the below details about mobile devices while planning for the mobile application testing.

  1. Operating System
  2. OS Version
  3. Screen Details
    •    Screen Width(px)
    •    Screen Height(px)
    •    Screen Resolution
    •    Screen Size ( Inches)
  4.  Network Type- 3G/4G/4G LTE
  5.  Misc Features – Fingerprint, NFC, Camera, Bluetooth etc.



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