What is Mobile Application Testing?


Mobile Application .a.k.a Mobile apps are the software which is driven in the handheld devices. The mobile industry has seen a tremendous growth in past few years and the mobile app industry has seen an exceptional spike in the app downloads, time spent in apps and revenue over the years.So we have reached the situation where all the desktop application has moved to the mobile based application.

There are two major Mobile platforms which majorly drive the app industry. First one is Android and latter is IOS. Each of these platforms has more than a million apps and has billions of downloads. App developers develop the apps for the target audience and the revenue is generated out of it. This makes it very important and crucial for the app company to deliver the high-quality apps.

“Mobile Application Testing is a process of testing the application built for specific mobile platform which are tested for its functionality, usability and consistency.”


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  1. Hi Uday,
    One common question in Mobile Testing interview is – how the actual testing happens in real time ?
    Can you please let us know that how we can do & what to explain?


    1. Yes Definitely. Will provide more insights about mobile app testing process in the coming days. Keep watching for the new posts.



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